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  • Achieving RDE NOx compliance in urban driving is possible, at a price, says Ricardo

    02 June 2016

    A range of aftertreatment technology options are available to automakers seeking to achieve compliance with the impending EU Real Driving Emissions (RDE) regulations – according to the results of a Ricardo research project to be presented today at the SIA Powertrain international conference and exhibition being held in Rouen, France.

    Future RDE emissions legislation and fleet average CO2 targets represent a challenge for automakers wishing to provide cost-effective light duty diesel vehicles. But while the costs of implementation can be significant, a range of technologies is available which, applied in a combination and manner appropriate to needs of the vehicle, can deliver compliant performance in terms of both NOx and CO2.

    Ricardo ...

  • Ricardo to help develop technology for ultra-low-emission natural gas heavy truck engines

    20 January 2016

    Ricardo will partner with Gas Technology Institute (GTI) on two major contracts to enable natural gas engines to provide a viable, fuel-efficient, and less polluting alternative to diesel power for medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles on the highways of California.

    Despite California’s substantial progress in reducing emissions from heavy-duty trucks and other mobile sources, diesel trucks remain major contributors to statewide emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx), greenhouse gases (GHG), and diesel particulate matter (PM). By 2031, the South Coast Basin will exceed mandatory air quality standards unless NOx emissions are reduced 90 percent compared with today.

    The Ricardo-GTI projects, co-funded ...

  • Getting ‘real’ about emissions testing

    09 December 2015

    The following article was originally published in the
    Q4/2015 issue of RQ magazine...

    In an extensive and ongoing research project, Ricardo has demonstrated processes for evaluating the aftertreatment technology options for diesel cars under the forthcoming European Real Driving Emissions (RDE) regulations – rules designed to ensure on-road compliance with published type approval data for fuel economy and emissions. Anthony Smith reports.

    The late summer of 2015 will very probably be remembered as the point in time at which vehicle emissions testing – in particular of diesel cars – became the subject of widespread international mainstream media, public and even ...

  • Ricardo helps Heathrow Airport monitor black carbon in air

    27 October 2015

    Ricardo Energy & Environment is working with Heathrow Airport Ltd to monitor airborne black carbon in efforts to enhance the airport network’s understanding of atmospheric particulate matter and guide air quality policy in the region.

    The new detection system, implemented by Heathrow Airport Ltd with the support of air quality specialists from Ricardo Energy & Environment, provides real time measurements of the proportion of black carbon produced by combustion. The project is the first of its kind outside of UK government-operated networks and will provide a greater depth of understanding for researchers and policy makers to develop the best informed policies ...

  • AGA Systems selects Pi Innovo technology for bi-fuel CNG system of GM Silverado/Sierra pickups

    15 October 2015

    Pi Innovo is proud to announce, in collaboration with AGA Systems Inc. of Kaysville, UT., the launch of a new bi-fuel system diagnostic interface module.

    AGA Systems’ new bi-fuel system diagnostic module is based on Pi Innovo’s flexible OpenECU® M220 control module, which gives AGA Systems the freedom to develop its own software and unique control methodologies with an electronic module ideal for low to medium volume commercial and automotive applications. AGA Systems has achieved EPA certification for its bi-fuel system for General Motors light duty truck and SUV platforms, which operates seamlessly with the original manufacturer’s engine control system. ...

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