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  • Ricardo awarded key heavy-duty zero-emissions vehicle project by CARB

    24 October 2017

    Ricardo Strategic Consulting has been selected by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to monitor, collect, and analyze the data for heavy-duty vehicle projects funded under Air Quality Improvement Program and the low carbon transportation Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund.

    The Air Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) are initiatives of CARB, and have seen significant investments since their inception in fiscal year 2014-15. A wide range of advanced technology demonstration projects have been carried out under these initiatives, all aimed at helping to pull forward Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) technology in the commercial vehicle and bus transportation ...

  • Ricardo to present innovative approach to marine propulsion design at ISME, Tokyo

    12 October 2017

    At the International Symposium on Marine Engine (ISME) to be hosted in Tokyo on 15-19 October, Ricardo will demonstrate how simulation and optimization technologies originally developed in the automotive sector can be used extremely effectively in the design of future low cost, low emission marine propulsion systems.

    The paper to be presented by Ricardo sets out the results of a study carried out by the company’s marine propulsion experts, in which some of Ricardo’s state-of-the-art computer aided engineering software was used to evaluate the environmental and commercial performance of different marine propulsion system architectures under a range of different usage scenarios. ...

  • Ricardo to help develop technology for ultra-low-emission natural gas heavy truck engines

    20 January 2016

    Ricardo will partner with Gas Technology Institute (GTI) on two major contracts to enable natural gas engines to provide a viable, fuel-efficient, and less polluting alternative to diesel power for medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles on the highways of California.

    Despite California’s substantial progress in reducing emissions from heavy-duty trucks and other mobile sources, diesel trucks remain major contributors to statewide emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx), greenhouse gases (GHG), and diesel particulate matter (PM). By 2031, the South Coast Basin will exceed mandatory air quality standards unless NOx emissions are reduced 90 percent compared with today.

    The Ricardo-GTI projects, co-funded ...

  • Ricardo participates in major natural gas heavy duty vehicle research initiative

    23 September 2015

    It can be revealed today that Ricardo will be a key partner in the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Green Vehicle Initiative project ‘HDGAS’ – a project that aims to develop, demonstrate and optimize advanced powertrain concepts for dual-fuel and pure natural gas powered heavy duty vehicles.

    Long haul trucks are an essential element of the transportation mix of modern, industrialized society. They are, however, inherently less amenable to the type of electrification and hybridization strategies that are already contributing to reduced carbon emissions and potential long-term sustainability for the light vehicle sector. A key global imperative is, therefore, the substantial improvement ...

  • Euro III buses can be cleaner than Euro V hybrids if retrofitted with new aftertreatment

    27 November 2014

    In an extension of a study of the Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach company fleet in partnership with HORIBA, Ricardo research has shown that some of the oldest vehicles can also be the cleanest, if retrofitted with the latest low emissions exhaust aftertreatment technology.

    As part of a research project examining the real-world emissions of buses operating through a known pollution hot spot in Brighton city centre, Ricardo published results earlier in the year demonstrating the important role that improving traffic flow can have upon reducing NOx emissions. The study, the findings of which were reported in July, focused on ...

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