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  • Coventry Univerity students’ link-up with Ricardo leads to design ‘Oscar’

    29 September 2014

    Students at Coventry University have beaten over 4,750 entries from 63 countries to win what is considered an ‘Oscar’ of the global design industry – and have helped the University achieve a number one ranking for design in the UK.

  • Ricardo and Clean Air Power to collaborate on development of dual fuel truck engine

    10 February 2014

    Clean Air Power has announced the award of a funded concept development agreement with a global truck manufacturer, under which it will work with Ricardo to develop a dual-fuel engine for a South East Asian Market.

    The purpose of the development programme is to utilise Clean Air Power’s Dual-Fuel™ combustion technology to deliver an advanced dual-fuel engine that not only achieves its emissions objective but also reduces the extent of emissions after-treatment required by the base diesel engine. Subject to a successful concept phase, expected to last six months, the agreement will then enter a second stage to bring ...

  • Ricardo to lead vehicle platooning study for UK Department for Transport

    06 January 2014

    The UK Department for Transport has commissioned research to understand how platooning technology, which enables road vehicles to move as a group, might benefit UK business, the transport network, road safety and the environment.

    Ricardo plc will lead a consortium comprising, TRL (Transport Research Laboratory), Ricardo AEA and Transport & Travel Research Ltd (TTR). The feasibility study will investigate the issues faced by legislators, haulage companies, drivers of the vehicles in the platoon, trunk road network operators and other road users, to establish whether a road trial of a heavy goods vehicle platoon should be considered.

    “Ricardo is extremely pleased to ...

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