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  • Achieving RDE NOx compliance in urban driving is possible, at a price, says Ricardo

    02 June 2016

    A range of aftertreatment technology options are available to automakers seeking to achieve compliance with the impending EU Real Driving Emissions (RDE) regulations – according to the results of a Ricardo research project to be presented today at the SIA Powertrain international conference and exhibition being held in Rouen, France.

    Future RDE emissions legislation and fleet average CO2 targets represent a challenge for automakers wishing to provide cost-effective light duty diesel vehicles. But while the costs of implementation can be significant, a range of technologies is available which, applied in a combination and manner appropriate to needs of the vehicle, can deliver compliant performance in terms of both NOx and CO2.

    Ricardo ...

  • Champions of our air

    11 March 2016

    Street-level air quality in European towns and cities is running significantly above EU limit values in any densely populated areas. Most problematic is the rise of harmful NO2 at street level – largely an unintended consequence of the past 15 years of regulations focusing closely on CO2 and diesel particulate emissions. Air quality experts from Ricardo Energy & Environment explain to Tony Lewin how the excess NOx arises and how new models in the pipeline promise to make tomorrow’s diesels clean on all counts

    There can be little doubt that Europe has a problem with nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions. This is ...

  • Ricardo and Brighton & Hove buses work towards a cleaner environment

    29 January 2014

    The Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company – part of the Go-Ahead Group – is working with Ricardo and test equipment specialist HORIBA on an advanced research project that aims to scientifically investigate the emissions of a range of buses operating in a modern commercial public transport fleet

    Brighton & Hove operates a fleet of approximately 280 modern buses on local services in the city and its surrounding area. The company is committed to contributing towards a cleaner environment, with all of its more recent vehicles fitted with exhaust particulate traps. Its operations are focused on the city of Brighton ...

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