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  • Euro III buses can be cleaner than Euro V hybrids if retrofitted with new aftertreatment

    27 November 2014

    In an extension of a study of the Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach company fleet in partnership with HORIBA, Ricardo research has shown that some of the oldest vehicles can also be the cleanest, if retrofitted with the latest low emissions exhaust aftertreatment technology.

    As part of a research project examining the real-world emissions of buses operating through a known pollution hot spot in Brighton city centre, Ricardo published results earlier in the year demonstrating the important role that improving traffic flow can have upon reducing NOx emissions. The study, the findings of which were reported in July, focused on ...

  • KOHLER Engines launches the KDI 3404 clean combustion engine

    25 November 2014

    KOHLER Engines new KDI 3404 engine

    Revealed for the first time earlier this month at the EIMA show, Bologna, Italy, and again today at BAUMA China – one of Asia’s largest construction industry shows – the new KOHLER KDI 3404 engine has been developed in partnership with Ricardo and features the revolutionary Ricardo Twin Vortex Combustion System.

    KOHLER Engines is promoting the new KDI 3404 engine as being unique in a number of respects: for technical innovation, performance, total ownership costs, operational and environmental benefits. Produced in the KOHLER Engines diesel production ...

  • WEBINAR, DEC 2: Shale gas and oil – perceptions and reality of environmental impacts

    18 November 2014

    Ricardo-AEA webinar will share market survey report findings including the views of key UK stakeholders from the oil and gas industry, energy intensive industries, central and local government, not-for-profit organisations and professional service providers.

    Advances in drilling technology have meant that energy companies can now access reserves of oil and natural gas found in shale and other tight rock formations. However, the potential use of the process of hydraulic fracturing, and the possibility of widespread onshore oil and gas exploration and production, is creating a great deal of controversy.

    Ricardo-AEA’s recent shale gas market survey has sought the views of key UK ...

  • A new voice for UK manufacturing

    17 November 2014

    qM magazine, Q4/2014The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) has contracted the corporate publishing partner of MediaTechnical, TwoTone Media Ltd, to produce its brand-new quarterly magazine, qM.

    Each issue of qM will offer a regular review of the latest thinking across the entire advanced manufacturing sector, but with a particular focus on the projects and research programmes of the MTC and its members. The magazine will combine news and views with in-depth, incisively-written feature articles, all written and presented in an accessible and interesting format. We hope that it will be ...

  • Ricardo announces energy sector acquisition

    13 November 2014

    Ricardo has today announced the acquisition of UK consultancy PPA Energy, providing a valuable extension to the group’s energy sector capability, ranging from conventional small scale and distributed power systems, to renewable power and smart grid technologies.

    With a particular emphasis on innovation within the power industry, PPA Energy specialises in techno-economic and management consultancy services for the energy sector. The company has an extremely strong international customer base covering over 90 countries, with particular expertise in economic and financial analysis, pricing, market regulation and technology for electricity networks. Its services are in significant demand both in the UK and across ...

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