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  • Ricardo and Electricity North West work to unlock capacity from UK electricity networks

    27 January 2016

    Ricardo Energy & Environment is supporting Electricity North West to unlock additional capacity from the UK’s North West electricity network by enhancing the thermal efficiency of substation assets, maximizing the power potential of existing infrastructure.

    UK electricity networks will in the future have to cope with the demands of electric vehicles, ground source heat pumps and renewable energy generation, potentially leading to thermal issues for distribution network transformers Over the next 30 years the introduction of low carbon incentives and technology – such as domestic heat policies, electric vehicles, ground source ...

  • Ricardo to help develop technology for ultra-low-emission natural gas heavy truck engines

    20 January 2016

    Ricardo will partner with Gas Technology Institute (GTI) on two major contracts to enable natural gas engines to provide a viable, fuel-efficient, and less polluting alternative to diesel power for medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles on the highways of California.

    Despite California’s substantial progress in reducing emissions from heavy-duty trucks and other mobile sources, diesel trucks remain major contributors to statewide emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx), greenhouse gases (GHG), and diesel particulate matter (PM). By 2031, the South Coast Basin will exceed mandatory air quality standards unless NOx emissions are reduced 90 percent compared with today.

    The Ricardo-GTI projects, co-funded ...

  • Ricardo provides technical support for the EU’s review on nanomaterials

    14 January 2016

    Ricardo Energy & Environment, in partnership with the Technical University of Denmark and Milieu Consulting, is providing specialist technical insight to support the European Commission in reviewing the environmental impact of nanomaterials.

    Drawing on technical, legal and policy experience at the forefront of nanotechnology regulation, Ricardo Energy & Environment is supporting the European Commission by developing inventories and classifications for nanomaterials and reviewing the extent to which associated environmental risks are captured by European policy. In collaboration with stakeholders across the nanotechnology arena, the team is helping the Commission to review the potential for existing regulation to safeguard the environment as ...

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