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  • Unplugging the EV

    30 June 2016

    Thanks to the latest generation of wireless electric vehicle charging technologies such as Qualcomm Halo™, the inconvenience and hassle of using power cables to connect to charging points could soon be a thing of the past for EV and PHEV drivers. Anthony Smith reports

    Plugging in for a recharge has to be the least glamorous aspect of driving an electric vehicle (EV) or plug-in hybrid (PHEV). Whereas most drivers of conventional diesel or gasoline fuelled vehicles might typically need to visit the service station to refill their tank once every week or two, plug-in vehicles should ideally be recharged rather more frequently, requiring them to be parked close to a ...

  • A new model for automotive manufacturing

    29 June 2016

    Today’s automotive manufacturing processes are refined and highly efficient, but involve extremely high capital costs and lack flexibility for mass customization. In partnership with the United Technologies Research Center, Ricardo Strategic Consulting has been researching how innovation can be unlocked by removing the barriers to disruptive technologies. Anthony Smith reports.

    It is self-evident that today’s vehicles are spectacularly better built than those produced fifty years ago. The mechanical properties, the formability and the durability of the materials and finishes used, together with the efficiency of the manufacturing operation itself, have improved beyond ...

  • VIEWPOINT / Saving CO2: 48V hybrids versus plug-ins

    29 June 2016

    Steve Doyle – Ricardo product group head, hybrid & electronic systems

    The growth of the plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicle (PHEV and EV) market can rightly in my view be seen as a resounding success over recent years. According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, a total of 28,188 cars were eligible for the UK Plugin Car Grant scheme in 2015, compared with just 14,532 in the previous year.

    However, this rapid market growth should be seen in the context of a very low base, in the case of the ...

  • Advanced ADEPT 48V affordable hybrid on path to meet future ultra-low vehicle emissions

    29 June 2016
    • Ricardo-led ADEPT programme aims to demonstrate technology capable of providing near full-hybrid equivalent fuel economy at significantly lower cost
    • ADEPT consortium successfully applies advanced mild hybrid technologies with 48V ‘intelligent electrification’ to a Ford Focus project demonstrator
    • Results of almost three years of intensive development and road and laboratory testing of ADEPT technology will be revealed at LCV2016

    Following almost three years of intensive testing, development and validation of advanced mild hybrid technologies with 48V ‘intelligent electrification’ applied to a Ford Focus project demonstrator, the ADEPT (advanced diesel-electric powertrain) consortium partners have announced ...

  • Ricardo NVH technology creates the ‘right’ sound for sports cars – and EVs too

    16 June 2016
    • Ricardo’s ‘Realistic Augmentation’ technology allows the optimization of engine sound to enhance market appeal, using software modelling
    • Detailed description will be amongst the Ricardo contributions to the conference The NVH complexity challenge: achieving appealing ‘green’ vehicles, to be hosted in Graz, Austria, on 22-24 June 2016

    The characteristic sound quality of the engine as perceived by the driver, passengers, and other road users, is at the core of the brand image of performance sports cars – and it provides instant feedback to the driver as to the operation of the vehicle. But the advent of increasingly tighter pass-by noise regulations, engine ...

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