TREMEC launches new facility in Belgium as part of major global expansion

25 October 2016
TREMEC launches new facility in Belgium as part of major global expansion
  • New facility formally opened in Zedelgem, Belgium, by Fernando Senderos Mestre, chairman of KUO Group, TREMEC’s parent, at a ceremony yesterday evening 

  • Significant new capacity in transmission system mechatronics, control software, automation, and high performance manufacture

  • Builds on TREMEC’s strong brand and reputation in high torque transmissions – from premium sports cars to commercial vehicles

  • Enables TREMEC to deploy the latest technologies – from mid-volume transmissions to high-volume components – for customers worldwide

ZEDELGEM, BELGIUM – The creation of a new force in Europe for the development and manufacture of advanced, high-efficiency, high-performance transmission and driveline systems, components and technology, was marked yesterday evening with the formal opening of the new TREMEC facility at Zedelgem, Belgium, a location close to the city of Bruges and benefitting from excellent communications links with the UK and major EU industries. The newly expanded 8000 square metre plant incorporates a significant increase in engineering, development testing and manufacturing capacity, and was formally opened by Fernando Senderos Mestre, chairman of KUO Group, TREMEC’s parent, at a ceremony attended by members of the regional business community, politicians, civic leaders and TREMEC senior management and employees.

“I am pleased to be able to open this new facility, which builds significant new capability for transmission and driveline technology development and manufacture within the EU,” commented TREMEC CEO Antonio Herrera on opening the new Zedelgem plant. “This new technical centre and manufacturing hub is part of our company’s coordinated strategy of global expansion, through which we aim to position TREMEC as a leader in high quality, high torque transfer solutions for the most demanding of automotive and commercial vehicle applications worldwide.”

The TREMEC brand has long been synonymous internationally with extremely high quality and robust, high-torque capacity transmission systems and components used in applications ranging from luxury sports cars and ‘muscle cars’ to the largest commercial trucks. Founded in Mexico more than 50 years ago, TREMEC is the North American leader in rear-wheel drive manual transmission production for performance car applications, and embraces automation, mechatronics, robotics and leading edge manufacturing processes. The company is increasingly known for its development of automated Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT), components, control systems and software for the most demanding of applications. TREMEC’s Belgian-based operations in particular have been known for the design and production of transmission systems found in high-performance vehicles, including the control software for the DCTs of premium high performance European supercars.

A significant expansion of capability in Europe
TREMEC’s European market expansion has already proven to be extremely successful, with multiple customer projects secured and staff numbers more than doubled in the four years since the company commenced its EU operations in 2012. With its advanced technology driveline products already used by some of the leading European automotive brands, TREMEC is increasingly known as an ambitious and highly innovative supplier within the EU and beyond, as well as for its longer-established operations in NAFTA.

The new TREMEC Zedelgem plant includes state-of-the-art engineering offices, test laboratories and manufacturing operations, and has been configured to allow for significant further expansion to enable a doubling of its current footprint, if further large-scale customer commitments require it. The comprehensive nature of the engineering laboratories means that they are equipped for almost every aspect of transmission and driveline system development, including transmission control software, electronics and mechatronics, friction material and clutch system development, and component and full system development and durability testing.

Notable amongst the test equipment installed are the loaded transmission test cells, enabling the development of components and systems up to and including full vehicle testing. Demonstrating the scope of high torque products with which TREMEC has long been synonymous, the two test cells can provide 2E and 3E capabilities at up to 650kW input.

“The new TREMEC Zedelgem plant is a significant milestone in the implementation of our global growth strategy,” added Antonio Herrera. “Within the automotive sector TREMEC is recognized as an agile, innovative and trend-setting company, leading in terms of our ability to develop high quality products for the most demanding of markets and applications. Our investment in the Zedelgem will enable us to further expand our customer base and volumes, throughout Europe and beyond, delivering the performance, efficiency, robustness and quality that customers associate with the TREMEC brand.”


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